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Minimum Advertised Pricing
(MAP) Policy


Moon Mountain Distribution’s Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy, administered by Moon Mountain LLC. (hereafter referred to as ‘Moon Mountain’) is designed to assist our partners in maintaining a healthy economic strategy that maintains the strength of the Moon Mountain brand, while conveying to customers the value of Moon Mountain Distribution’s products. Moon Mountain is proud of our service, brands and products and we have designed a pricing strategy that balances out the needs of our partners, while maintaining the long-term strength and quality of the Moon Mountain brand. We believe that our MAP policy, as outlined below, allows our partners to profitably and competitively market Moon Mountain brand products, while maintaining the value of our brands, products and services to our partner’s consumers.

In order to sell products from Moon Mountain Distribution, we require all of our partners to comply with our Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (hereafter referred to as ‘MAP Policy’). The MAP Policy will be administered and maintained by Moon Mountain Distribution. The MAP Policy will be implemented unilaterally and Moon Mountain Distribution does not accept or invite any input into how this policy is administered or maintained. The MAP Policy is not an agreement and Moon Mountain will not seek out, ask for or accept any assurance of compliance or other agreement. This policy’s aim is not to interfere with the business of our partners, but to enable a sustainable model of business practices moving forward.



Minimum Advertised Pricing

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price


Moon Mountain Distribution’s MAP Policy works under the following guidelines:

  1. Partners of Moon Mountain may not advertise a price lower than the Minimum Advertised Price for that product.

  2. Prices below the MAP cannot be advertised in any medium, including: internet, social media, radio, television or print.

  3. Temporary sales, discounts and promotions that effectively lower the retail price of the product below MAP are impossible to enforce, and are therefore acceptable (e.g. 10% discount on order totals exceeding $50). However, these discounts must not be applied directly to the advertised price; the advertised price cannot be below the MAP. Any such discounts must also comply with the following terms:

    a. In-store advertising of discounts is permissible, provided the discount does not exceed 30 days.
    b. In-store advertising does not appear on other media channels including, but not limited to: internet, social media, television or radio.
    c. In-store advertising may not strike-through or otherwise graphically alter the Minimum Advertised Pricing.
    d. Online advertising may not strike-through or otherwise graphically alter the Minimum Advertised Pricing.
    e. Any online advertising of the discounted product may not strike-through or otherwise graphically alter the Minimum Advertised Pricing.

  4. Moon Mountain reserves the right to sell its own products directly to consumers at MAP pricing, consistent with this policy.

  5. In the event that Moon Mountain elects to raise or lower the MSRP for any product, we will notify our partners in writing in reasonable advance of the change.

  6. Moon Mountain reserves the right to sell to Temporary Discount channels that offer Moon Mountain products at a discount for a strictly limited period of time. Such discounts shall not impact the MAP pricing or policies in effect at that time.

  7. Moon Mountain reserves the right to not sell to any partner found to be in violation of this policy. Moon Mountain shall not be held responsible for enforcement of this policy or lack thereof by partner customers.


This MAP Policy does not limit or alter the ability of a dealer to advertise claims of value (e.g. “We have the lowest price”, “We will beat or match any competitor.”, etc.). This MAP policy does not prohibit responses to specific requests for price quotes by any individual customer, provided such responses are not automated (i.e. automatically generated reply through partner website, email, first-party application, proprietary application, third-party application or third-party application provider) and are given in an individual, personal communication at the request of a partner’s customer. It also in now way will establish a maximum advertised price. This MAP policy does not apply to any Moon Mountain Vapor Cafe or Moon Mountain Retail entity.

Intentional and/or repeated failures to comply with this MAP Policy is seen as the responsibility of Moon Mountain partners. Said violations of the MAP Policy will result in sanctions being unilaterally imposed by Moon Mountain, which may include the following actions:


  1. Suspension of shipments of products without notice

  2. Suspension of any discounts or incentives

  3. Termination of the business relationship with the Moon Mountain partner found to be in violation of the MAP policy


Moon Mountain Distribution thanks all of our partners for their continued business and for their cooperation with our MAP Policy. For any questions about the products this MAP Policy applies to or the MAP Policy itself, please send an email to salesteam@moonmountain.com.


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